The Polymer Society of Thailand was founded on 15 November 1999 by a group of Polymers scientists who realized the increasing importance of the rapidly growing local petrochemical and polymer industries. Furthermore, with also the increasing of the number of polymer scientists and polymer degree courses to support the rising needs of human resources of the industries, it was thought that the Thai Polymer community would need a center for connecting different sectors in order to bring about effective development of the Thai petrochemical and polymer industries. Thus, the Polymer Club was established in 1991 and was later changed to the Polymer Society of Thailand in 1999.


The objectives of Polymer Society of Thailand are as follows:

1. To be a focal point for

  • coordinating collaborations among polymer scientists and interested persons or groups in both the government and industrial sectors.
  • disseminating information and news related to polymer activities in Thailand.
  • representing the Thai polymer community in coordinating with relevant organizations domestically and internationally.

2. To promote the development of polymer science, technology and engineering in Thailand to international level.


  1. Organize conferences, seminars, and trainings related to polymer science and technology.
  2. Organize special lectures or discussion on polymer topics of current interests.
  3. Disseminate knowledge and news of activities of PST to members through website.
  4. Promote collaboration with other international organizations with the objective to advance the academic and technical capabilities of the Thai Polymer Community.


Collaboration with International Organisations
Memorandum of Collaboration Agreement with The Japan Society of Polymer Processing (JSPP) Polymer Society of Thailand has signed a collaboration agreement with The Japan Society of Polymer Processing (JSPP) on February 3, 2005 for co-organizing International Conferences in Polymers.

Membership of International Organizations
Polymer Society of Thailand has become a member of Pacific Polymer Federation (PPF) since being ‘Polymer Club.’ At present there are members from 17 Asia-Pacific countries in PPF. The main activity of Pacific Polymer Federation is to organize international conference known as “Pacific Polymer Conference (PPC)”, held biannually in the member countries. In 2003 Thailand was chosen to host the 8th Pacific Polymer Conference (PPC8), which was quite a success

2. Member of the Federation of Asian Polymer Societies (FAPS) Polymer Society of Thailand has become a member of the Federation of Asian Polymer Societies (FAPS), which is found by the collaboration among the Polymer societies of Korea, China, Japan, and India. The objective of FAPS is to promote the cooperation among these countries to advance in Polymer Science and Technology in Asia, and to build strong network among Polymer researchers/educators in the member countries. Currently there are 14 member countries. PST has been a member of the FAPS since December 22, 2008.

3. Member of the International Rubber Conference Organization (IRCO) Polymer Society of Thailand has become a member of The International Rubber Conference Organization (IRCO) in June 2009. The International Rubber Conference Organization (IRCO) is the organization that regularly holds the International Rubber Conference (IRC) and other rubber related conferences.

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