PST Membership Application

Qualification of applicant
1. Regular Membership
- Having interest in polymer science and technology or having a career in polymer-related field.
2. Corporate Membership
- The corporate that is involving in polymer science and technology and received approval from the PST committee.
3. Honorary Membership
- Honorary membership will be bestowed upon the individual who is highly regarded in the polymers fields or contributes to the society.

Membership Benefits

PST Members are entitle to
1. free attendance of selected lectures or seminars
2. receiving a discount on registration fee of seminars or conferences organized by PST and our collaborators.


Membership Fees

Regular Membership
500 baht/year
Student Membership
300 baht/year
Corporate Membership
4,000 baht/year

How to apply for PST Membership

Apply at the PST website

How to pay for PST Membership Fee
Money Transfer to the saving account of The Siam Commercial Bank PLC., Ramathibodi Branch
Account Name “Polymer Society of Thailand”
Account Number: 026-438590-9

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