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"Annual meeting in polymer science and technology for academic research and industrial development"

      No.   Topic   Date                        
      1   Deadline for abstract/ full paper submission   April 25, 2021                        
      2   Notification of review result   May 15, 2021                        
      3   Deadline for revised abstract/ full paper submission   May 25, 2021                        
      4   Notification of acceptance   June 10, 2021                        
      5   Early Bird Registration   June 15, 2021                        
      6   Conference Day   July 1-2, 2021                        
      1 Advanced and Functional Polymers                                          
            Responsive and functional polymers; Self-healing systems; Polymers at surfaces and interfaces;                        
        Self-assembly; Sensors; Micro- and nanostructured polymers; Advanced Synthesis; Green synthesis;                        
        Catalyst; Design and Architecture of macromolecules and polymers                        
    2 Biomedical Polymers                                          
            Drug/ Gene/ Enzyme delivery system, Scaffold; Tissue engineering; Regenerative medicine;                        
        Biosensing; Bioimaging; Cellular phenomena; Micro/ Nanoparticle; Encapsulation; Biomedical device                        
      3 Polymer Blends and Composites                                          
            Nanocomposites Plastic/ Plastic blends; IPNs, Particulate composites; Fibrous composites;                        
        Nanocomposites; Structural design and properties/ Characterization                        
      4 Polymers for BCG Economy                                          
            Bioplastics; Biopolymers; Biorenewable feedstock; Bio-based polymers; Green polymers;                        
        Biodegradable polymers; Environmental-friendly polymers; Biorefinery; Recycling polymers;                        
        Circular Technology & Design for Polymers                        
      5 Rubbers/ Elastomers                                          
            Natural and synthetic rubbers; Elastomers; Thermoplastic elastomers; Blends; Modification;                        
        Reinforcement; Properties; Compounding; Processing; Latex; Characterization; Applications                        
        PCT-11 Abstract Guideline (pdf)                                              
        PCT-11 Abstract Guideline (word)                                              
        PCT-11 Full Paper Guideline (pdf)                                              
        PCT-11 Full Paper Guideline (word)