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"Annual meeting in polymer science and technology for academic research and industrial development."

          1. Deadline for abstract/full paper submission         June 10, 2020                        
          2. Notification of review result         June 20, 2020                        
          3. Deadline for revised abstact/full paper submission         June 30, 2020                        
          4. Notification of acceptance         July 10, 2020                        
          5. Deadline for early bird and presenter registration         July 15, 2020                        
          1. Advanced and Functional Polymers        
                Responsive and functional polymers, Self-healing systems, Polymers  at surfaces and interfaces, Self-assembly, Sensors,        
            Micro- and nanostructured polymers, Synthesis,Green synthesis, Catalyst, Design and Architecture of macromolecules and polymers        
          2. Polymers for BCG Economy        
                Bioplastics, Biopolymers, Biorenewable feedstock, Bio-based polymers, Green polymers, Biodegradable polymers,        
            Environmental-friendly polymers, Biorefinery, Recycling polymers, Circular Technology & Design for Polymers        
          3. Biomedical Polymers        
                Drug/ Gene/ Enzyme delivery system, Scaffold, Tissue engineering,  Regenerative medicine, Biosensing, Bioimaging,        
            Cellular phenomena, Micro/ Nanoparticle, Encapsulation, Biomedical device        
          4. Rubbers/ Elastomers        
                Natural and synthetic rubbers, Elastomers, Thermoplastic elastomers, Modification, Reinforcement, Properties, Compounding,        
            Rubber blends, Latex, Rubber foam, Characterization, Applications        
          5. Polymer Blends and Composites        
                Nanocomposites Plastic/ Plastic blends, IPNs, Particulate composites, Fibrous composites, Nanocomposites, Structural design        
            and properties/ Characterization        
          6. Polymer Processing and Manufacturing        
                Polymer processing method, Polymer rheology, Polymer compounding, Polymer manufacturing, 3D/4D manufacturing        
          7. Polymer Industry Trends (Invitation only)        
            PCT-10 Abstract Guideline (pdf)                                              
            PCT-10 Abstract Guideline (word)                                              
            PCT-10 Full Paper Guideline (pdf)                                              
            PCT-10 Full Paper Guideline (word)