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Advanced and Functional Polymers (ADFP)



Highly specific detection of salicylaldehyde by fluorescent dye-encapsulated nanomaterial 231 124 1997 PCT10    
        Jinnawat Jongkhumkrong, Thanasat Sooksimuang and Boosayarat Tomapatanaget*    


Controlled synthesis of styrene maleic anhydride for plant extraction technology: The effects of different chain transfer agents on molecular weight 854 8415 4012 PCT10    
        Thanyarat Saejung,Narintorn Dueanphen, Thidarat Khawjanta, Robert Molloy
and Patchara Punyamoonwongsa*


Hybrid Monte Carlo simulation of chain shuttling polymerization
for producing olefin block copolymers
677 360 6153 PCT10    
        Thanavich Nacharoenkul*, Siripon Anantawaraskul, and João B. P. Soares    


Study of preparation of low molecular weight epoxidized natural rubber applied in 2K waterborne epoxy coatings for producing olefin block copolymers 778 4116 4253 PCT10    
        Dalip Abdulraman, Tiphanan Janjai and Pranee Phinyocheep*